About Our Accounting Firm

Brent Nancy Vines — Accountant in Fresno, CA
Before becoming the well experienced certified public accountant he is today, Brent attended California State University, Fresno where he earned his bachelor's degree in business accounting. After graduation, he was recruited by, and worked for, several of Fresno's largest accounting firms. Here, he gained a lot of worthwhile experience that shaped and honed in on his skills. Once he realized he was ready, he started his own practice over 30 years ago.

Brent started his practice with a modest 100 or so loyal clients. Through his hard work and dedication, he now serves over 700 small business and individual clients.

A Man of Integrity

Brent prides himself on being a person of integrity. He is dedicated and loyal to his clients, many of whom are his good friends. Regardless his clientele size, Brent treats all of his clients the same way. The growth of his practice has been almost exclusively through referrals from existing clients without the need to advertise.

Fresno Born & Raised

Brent was born and raised in Fresno, California, so he knows and understands the community. Choosing an accountant is an important step in securing your financial health, so why not choose one of your own? Call us today at (559) 222-6272 to speak with us about your financial future.